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Cat Cafe

Friday, September 26th, 2008

Jeremy Brautman of Josh Spear writes about the Tokyo cat cafes.

For $8-$12 an hour you get to play with one of dozen resident cats, listen to soothing music and read comics.

Relaxing Friday morning

Friday, June 6th, 2008

James and I started the morning as usual at La Bonne Patisserie, the most excellent new cafe at Bazel Square. I didn’t order a Croissant, for a change, but instead took a Bruschetta. Having a Bruschetta at a French patisserie is like having a Croissant at an Italian Cafe. It’s not bad or anything, but it is far from the real deal. After that, I ordered a nice Chocolate Eclair, which, ofcourse, was very good. They can’t go wrong, in that place.

Near the Cafe, someone was handing out the new Kinley Lemon-Nana mint. It’s very refreshing!

I saw a few nice things in Boing Boing today.

A cruel but clever Pizza advertisment:

A squirrel taxidermy museum in Wisconsin (Link):

And an owl transistor radio auctioned at ebay (auction closed already):